2/4/10 Mariposa Charms, Butterfly Charms, Pearl Butterfly

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***** PLEASE READ BEFORE you purchase !!!!!

The plastic boards from China are not evenly thickness -

which means center is thick, thin out to side way.

And the color is like swirl of pink, swirl of ivory, swirl of all colors.

No guarantee the same color or same shade.

if you want the exactly same color for each butterfly wing - please RECONSIDER.

Also China is using laser to cut this butterfly shape - as you know the laser will make black mark. It's inevitable. If you want 100% perfect - PLEASE RECONSIDER.

It's very low profit - If you are selling high end item, I don't PICK & CHOOSE or RETURN or CLAIM.

I personally exam each piece. There's NO CHANCE that I will give you butterfly with missing wing !!!!

Mariposa Charms, Butterfly Charms, Pearl Butterfly Acrylic Pendant . Polished Gold Plated over Brass

Butterfly charm: 13 mm x 13 mm